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Davey Lane - The First Flung One To Crash

How the hell do you describe Davey Lane in a short punchy couple of paragraphs without mentioning his involvement as a vibrant lead guitarist in You Am I. Should I mention that as a singer/songwriter he crafts songs that Sir Paul would likely listen to intently? Maybe that his band the Pictures were brilliant or do I say that he's been Jimmy Barnes guitarist for a while now? Alright, so I'd certainly note that he played with Crowded house throughout Europe and Australia on a tour a few years back.

Well, as a man, Davey is a gentle one and is intensely cool. His latest music apart from being great, is a bit of an achievement, production wise with some experimental shared lead vocal magic going on. (You'll need to head to his website to understand this fully)

This song here was extremely fresh when he came over to perform for us and we are forever grateful that a guy with this much experience and talent obliged us. Legend.

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