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Oscar Lush Performs 'I Won't Wait For The Sun To Set'

Lush? You're not wrong. Oscar Lush's voice is just excellent. Weathered, warm and coupled with hauntingly beautiful lyrics, Oscar as created a timeless piece of music that's perfect for moments of reflection on a wintery old day.

When Oscar arrived at my doorstep to perform for TNSIAJSW I was confused, 'what? Hey? Ah yeah...I then realised I had stuffed up my in diary, double booked him and I had to turn him away, hoping he would forgive my inexcusable tardiness and return another time! What a dick! Me that is, not Oscar. He said 'that's fine mate, no problem at all' and he walked off into the rain. I'm so chuffed he came back, he's got something special this guy. Here's Oscar Lush everybody!!

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