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Lindsay Phillips Performs 'At The Footsteps Of Dawn' For TNSIAJSW

I had about 10 minutes up my sleeve before Lindsay arrived for this session so I walked down to the cafe to grab something. While I was on the street I saw this tall, dark shadowy figure walking towards me. My god, what is that? Is that a cape? Na it's a jacket...It's holding a guitar, it has a pony tail...Ah it's Lindsay. I hadn't seen him for years as Sweden is now his home. He literally lives in the wilderness, chops trees down for energy, fuel food? I don't know, but what I do know is that Lindsay has a tight following and a great reputation as a very talented songwriter. He has a beautifully haunting baritone voice and comes up with stirring and memorable melodies. Lindsay has a very calm demeanour, he's quiet and gentle and his lyrics, descriptive and often full of wisdom, are a perfect marriage to his unique-dark but uplifting folk music. What a pleasure to see him again and have him perform in my humble studio.

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