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Nadine Budge Performs 'Every Second Beat Of My Heart'

I used to see Nadine all over the place at gigs and bars where she was either performing or watching a performance and we'd give each other a bit of a nod, sometimes a cheeky wink.

She tours and performs with her band 'The Stetson Family' frequently and their amazing Folk/country/Americana music has been heard by pretty much anyone that loves great songwriting and sweet vocal harmony. Seeing Nadine alone with a guitar is a wonderful and rare thing and hearing her voice with it's earthy and authentic quality alongside this particular songs narrative, is a great example of everything we love about solo performance here at TNSIAJSW.

This song is from The Stetson Family's latest record and just one of the great songs Nads and her band have to offer. I had a ball talking to Nads before her performance that day and was a lucky duck indeed to be able to enjoy this performance behind the camera lens. Nadine Budge!!

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