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Jethro Pickett - Everything Will Be Alright

Jethro Pickett, an unassuming and wondrous guitar player as well as a great singer/songwriter.

Clearly, at some stage in his life, he had a fight with 'swagger' and won. A guy that was born in cowboy boots, he never fails to amaze me when he takes to an electric guitar solo (when i've been lucky to share a stage with him) and he staggers out of the solo and into a verse or what have you, with one pant leg up around his knee and his shirt collar stiffened and skewed. His whole body seems to work like a bendy and well oiled machine when he's in full flight.

Jethro has just returned from a few years in Ireland where he released a self produced record, gigged all over Europe and wrote a whole swag of new songs that will appear on his next release.

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