Nadine Budge Performs 'Every Second Beat Of My Heart'

October 1, 2015

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I used to see Nadine all over the place at gigs and bars where she was either performing or watching a performance and we'd give each other a bit of a nod, sometimes a cheeky wink. 


She tours and performs with her band 'The Stetson Family' frequently and their amazing Folk/country/Americana music has been heard by pretty much anyone that loves great songwriting and  sweet vocal harmony. Seeing Nadine alone with a guitar is a wonderful and rare thing and  hearing her voice with it's earthy and authentic quality alongside this particular songs narrative, is a great example of everything we love about solo performance here at TNSIAJSW.


This song is fro...


The need to know guitarist, The paisley Telecaster, the young man, the alluring surname and the beard. All these things plus more describe Mitchell beautifully.


For years, Mitch has been the skilled guitarist alongside the incredible voice of Kylie Auldist and her band. He plays with a number of great acts and is forever being beckoned for his tricky chops and licks.


More recently, Mitch has started performing his own material around the pubs and bars of Melbourne and is pretty close to releasing his first record of songs that describe colourfully the things we do, the places we dwell and the people we hang around.
So, the next time you see a guy with a bea...


One of the great things about doing this project is that I get to meet and share a cup of tea with a number of interesting and great people before we shoot the video. 


This particular Singer-Songwriter, Anna Cordell, was just so great to talk to and she told me about her family, her music performance history and the like. How she musters up a single note of music with 4 children scooting around the place I don't know but I'm intrinsically aware that she writes enchanting melodies and memorable songs and performs her music with her emotions out on display, her heart comfortably on her sleeve. 

Anna has a beautifully authentic way about her.


When I opened my front door to this guy on my doorstep years ago he handed me my own garden rake and then proceeded to take his hat off which revealed an apple under it.


He sings like a bird and writes lovely thought provoking ditties. His use of melody is just incredible and considering he rarely plays his original music live, the only place to see him is as the frontman for 'The Prayer Babies' and 'Fire and Theft.' 

These two Melbourne super bands have a healthy following and it's hard to work out which band is crazier, more eccentric. 


Ian and I have worked together on numerous occasions and if you know me and (or) Ian really well, you can imagine how sill...


I had about 10 minutes up my sleeve before Lindsay arrived for this session so I walked down to the cafe to grab something. While I was on the street I saw this tall, dark shadowy figure walking towards me. My god, what is that? Is that a cape? Na it's a jacket...It's holding a guitar, it has a pony tail...Ah it's Lindsay. I hadn't seen him for years as Sweden is now his home. He literally lives in the wilderness, chops trees down for energy, fuel food? I don't know, but what I do know is that Lindsay has a tight following and a great reputation as a very talented songwriter. He has a beautifully haunting baritone voice and comes up with stirring and memorabl...


Together, Ruth Hazleton and Kate Burke have produced beautiful folk music that has lovers of the genre praising their songwriting partnership. The two are great friends, excellent musicians and have just produced and ‘dropped’ (as they say in the industry) an excellent new record called DECLARATION. They have received a jaw dropping amount of glowing reviews and press and their performances have delighted and moved their healthy fan base for years and years. 

The duo have been creating music since their uni days and even now with their young families, work and different home towns in different states, this amazing partnership continues to write music and relea...

Dan Parsons is a name that comes up again and again when it comes to great songwriting and excellent players. I first met Dan at a rehearsal for a Fringe show where we both shared a stage and he was a drummer and that's all I knew about him.


Soon after, when I was handed his record by a friend, I was impressed by his songs, voice and that his many hats are all worn comfortably and effortlessly. Parsons performs his music with the ease and authenticity of a great storyteller and considering that he's also a lovely bloke, it's no mystery why he's highly respected by his peers.

Lush? You're not wrong. Oscar Lush's voice is just excellent. Weathered, warm and coupled with hauntingly beautiful lyrics, Oscar as created a timeless piece of music that's perfect for moments of reflection on a wintery old day. 


When Oscar arrived at my doorstep to perform for TNSIAJSW I was confused, 'what? Hey? Ah yeah...I then realised I had stuffed up my in diary, double booked him and I had to turn him away, hoping he would forgive my inexcusable tardiness and return another time! What a dick! Me that is, not Oscar. He said 'that's fine mate, no problem at all' and he walked off into the rain. I'm so chuffed he came back, he's got something special this...

Rhea Caldwell, her name is synonymous with booking gigs, hosting amazing events and being awesome! Graceland presents, as an example of just one her projects, has become a bit of a house hold name amongst artist and live music lovers here in Melbourne. She’s known as a complete sweetheart and considering the amount of things she does behind the live music scene I’m surprised she has time to write and perform her own music…but she does!!


Miss Caldwall and her bearded band mate Fabian Hunter, have only just recently started to play live with their sweet little duo, Baby Blue and once again we are lucky enough to have a sneaky little performance of a brand new tr...

I watched my first James Teague performance last year and my first initial feeling of him was a 'Whoa, Crikey!!" 


When performing, James looks like he is experiencing absolute pain, happiness, confusion and then when you have realised he is the most unique performer you've seen in ages you notice his voice! He sings beautifully with incredible melodic prowess. Untamed growls and submissive wails fill the space and then he hits his mark with jaw dropping tonal magic seen amongst very little male performers. 


This guy, James is a one in a million with vocals and an individu


al style that contribute to his brilliance but it's actually his songwriting and excellen...

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